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We negotiate the best mortgage for you from over 20 banks and lenders. See your special rate offer now!

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Why Use an Online Mortgage Broker?

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We do more volume than other mortgage brokers, so we get extra rate discount with over 20 lenders. This allows us to offer the best fixed and variable rate mortgage. We save money by being online, and we pass these savings to you through best mortgage rates!

Effortess Mortgage


Our digitally-enabled experienced mortgage brokers have helped many happy customers to save time and money. As a digital mortgage broker, we also use technology to recommend the best mortgage products that meet your goals.

Effortess Mortgage


We believe getting a mortgage should be exciting and effortless. We are committed to providing fast approvals and keeping you updated throughout your mortgage journey. Our process is simple and straight forward. No hidden fees. No stress.

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Looking for The Lowest Mortgage Rates in Canada? Try Rate Finder.

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  • Take a short quiz to calculate your monthly mortgage payment based on best available mortgage rates
  • Get recommendations on fixed vs. variable rate mortgage
  • Figure out whether you need mortgage default insurance
  • Customized offer of the best home mortgage rates based on your situation

The Better Mortgage Broker

What Makes Us The Better Mortgage Broker?

As a digital mortgage broker, we work with the top rate mortgage lenders in Canada. Our experienced staff strive to provide you the best online mortgage and exceptional offline experience.

Effortless Mortgage

  • Apply online 24/7
  • Best mortgages from 20+ banks and lenders
  • Access to the lowest mortgage rates right away
  • Transparent and frequent updates
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With access to 30+ best home mortgagelenders in Canada and a team of some of the most experienced mortgage brokers in Canada, we have gained our clients’ trust with outstanding service and guaranteed low rates since inception. We have long-standing relationships with many the top-rated mortgage lenders in Canada. Because we do a lot of volume, we receive exclusive mortgage rate offers and extra discounts from these lenders. Whether you are looking for the best fixed-rate mortgage, variable-rate mortgage, or a private loan, we are committed to find the lowest rates for you! As an online brokerage, we have very little fixed costs. We also equip our mortgage advisors with the latest technology. These digital tools help us to spot the best mortgage products based on client needs. These are a few more reasons why we are able to offer the best online mortgages and the Lowest mortgage rates in Canada. In addition, our online platform also has advanced digital tools to help you make the right mortgage decision. For example, you can find the best fixed home loan rates that fits your risk tolerance and specific scenario by using our Rate Finder. We also have all the mortgage calculators you need to understand the numbers whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing one. Unlike other brokerages, we don’t have a “sales” culture. We believe the bestadvice and client experience matters more than closing a deal. Our mission is to be thebest digital mortgage broker in Canada who offers a hassle free experience and the lowest mortgage rates. You can trust us to deliver on this promise!

Banks & Other Brokers

  • Only during working hours
  • Less than 3 options
  • Different rates are provided during negotiation
  • Confusing processes and unreturned phone calls
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How Does it Work?

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Answer 5 questions about your mortgage. It takes less than 2 minutes


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See lowest mortgage rate offers based on your situation, and receive an estimate on your monthly payment


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Sit Back And Relax

You are well on your way of your mortgage journey. Get ready to receive fast approvals and best rates!

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Our Brokers Have Earned 5 Start Reviews from Happy Customers

Olivia & Josh
Toronto, Ontario

mortgage rating

"Effortless Mortgage has bee super helpful since day one. They kept us posted throughout our mortgage application process. We got a lower rate than our bank and a bottle of wine as a gift. Hands down the best broker in town!"

Toronto, Ontario

mortgage rating

"I was impressed by how easy it is to work with Marc at Effortless. He got my mortgage approved in 24 hours with a very low rate. Marc is very friendly and always returns my calls right away. I felt prepared and informed. He is the best mortgage broker I have worked with so far. Would definitely recommend!"

Mississauga, Ontario

mortgage rating

"David at Effortless helped me to get the mortgage for my first home. He provided a lot of great advice on getting a mortgage as a self-employed person. Very patient. I am glad to have chosen them as my mortgage broker. Very happy with their service!"

Hamilton, Ontario

mortgage rating

"My mortgage was up for renewal and I wanted to take out more money. Herman at Effortless got me the lowest fixed rate mortgage comparing to offers from my current lender. This is my first time working with an online broker, but definitely not the last"

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